What I Eat In A Day + Recipes ;)

What I Eat In A Day + Recipes ;)

One of my most asked questions is to share what I eat in a day! Nutrition is something that I firmly believe should be super personalized and dependent on your lifestyle and amount of exercise you are getting on a daily basis. But I wanted to share with you what I have been doing for my nutrition and share a bit about how I have been eating lately!

As an athlete competing at the highest level, every little edge I can get will carry over to my performance when it matters. Nutrition is one of those that is high on my priority list. If you’re ignoring your nutrition and constantly putting it under stress and fatigue, your performance will suffer. I’ve seen it first hand where all of sudden I’m not eating enough calories to fuel my training and an injury breaks out. You owe it to your body and yourself to prioritize controllable things like this. You might notice you sleep better, you have less inflammation, you’ll feel better and just all around be a better person.

Now I know I’m rambling on right now, but I just want to stress the importance of this topic and how if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to get started with your nutrition. There's 2 pieces of advice I can give you.

1. Eat real food! Sounds simple but in this era real food actually ain't that simple and easy to come by. Or rather I should say processed food is too easy to come by and a lot of people end up eating what I call "fake food". Food that's been made up and processed with a bunch of bad ingredients. So my advice is to find food that has not been modified (lack of a better word). Examples are fresh fruit and veggies, fresh produce (without added ingredients) and generally speaking just real things. If it came straight from the ground or an animal you're good to go. If it has a ton of words that's hard to pronounce on the label it's a no-no.

2. Consider reaching out to someone who has experience. I’ve been all over the place with my nutrition from paleo to intermittent fasting to a little bit of zone to macro counting. We’re all different and what will work for someone else might not work for you, however someone with experience can help guide you in the right direction. Even online these days you'll be able to find a lot of good information to at least start the journey. But keep in mind there's also a lot of inaccurate information out there, so take things with a grain of salt and find what makes you feel and look good.



Here’s a few other suggestions that might help you: 


Meal Prep - Find one or two days in the week where you can meal prep in bulk. This means you're cooking food that will last 2-4 days ahead of time so you don't have to worry about cooking every day. It's a timesaver and also makes it a lot easier to stay on track.

Accountability - It's proven that we maintain our course better if we have someone to keep us accountable. Whether this is a friend or family member or an online community that's up to you. But share your journey with someone around you and have them keep you accountable.

Balance - Nutrition and proper food intake shouldn't be based on cycles of different diets. What I mean is that a lot of people participate in these quick and short diets that promise to make you loose weight. Often the approach is "crash & burn" meaning you starve yourself and once the diet/challenge is over you gain it all back. It's not healthy or sustainable! Instead find a good balance that you feel like you can maintain for essentially the rest of your life. Nutrition is. a lifelong journey and perhaps in the beginning you just make small adjustments and then gradually over time add more and more to it. My point is, find something a lifestyle that's sustainable and not just a quick fix.


Here is what a typical day of eating looks like for me with 2 training sessions. Keep in mind that this might not work for you. In fact there's a good chance this won't work for you. It's very unlikely that you're the same height, weight, body fat as me as well as same activity level. And even more unlikely that your body is reacting the same way to certain food as I do, so please get some inspiration from this, but don't think this is the way you should eat!


Time Food/activity
7:30 am
4oz any lean protein source, small handful of greens, 1 serving healthy fats, 60g healthy carbs
9-11 am with training, 15g whey protein with water, 60g healthy carbs
11:30-noon 4oz any lean protein, small handful of greens, 60g healthy carbs
1-3 pm with training, 15g whey protein with water, 60g healthy carbs
4 pm 4oz any lean protein source, small handful of greens, 1 serving healthy fats, 60g healthy carbs
7 pm 4oz any lean protein source, small handful of greens, 1 serving healthy fats, 60g healthy carbs
Near bedtime 3oz any lean protein source or 20oz casein protein source with water


As you can see my nutrition is based upon my workout schedule! This varies, of course, with rest days and on weekends if I am doing lighter training! These are just my guidelines for heavy training days. Below I’ve attached a few links to my Day of Eating guide where I go a little bit more in depth about my nutrition and give you an example of my daily menu as well as a recipe guide with some of my favorites including eggs in oatmeal and my moms famous guac! I promise it’s a huge hit!



Finally, last piece of advice before I sign off: DON’T LET PERFECT BE THE ENEMY OF PROGRESS. The world is not going to end if you have a cheat meal once or even twice a week. Heck, I promise enjoying yourself on your birthday or a holiday won’t kill your progress either. For me, I actually have one day a week where I don’t even worry about sticking to my plan and I go out to enjoy a nice dinner with my fiancé and go out for ice cream after. If I was 100% strict all the time, I would not be able to stick with this and it would do more damage than good. Going back to the balance I talked about earlier. So next time your friends invite you out, don't say no because you're nervous about your meal plan. I promise it won't ruin everything. :) Just remember this and say Lauren gave me permission to enjoy myself!

Comment down below what your nutrition looks like or if you have any questions!

Appreciate you if you read the whole way through!


Below you can download some of my everyday recipes and a day of eating guide that I put together. Both free of charge :)


Everyday Recipes

Day Of Eating



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