Check These Brands!

As an athlete I make my living off of sponsors and winnings, so I understand why you immediately might be skeptical about what I have posted on this page.

BUT since day one I've made it a priority to only work with brands that I would use myself and support 100%. Therefore you won't find a single brand on this page I'm not fully behind. I love my sponsors and I can say without a blink on my eye that I use and trust the brands you see here on a daily basis.

Not only that I recommend them to my friends and family. I value the quality and the message behind each of these companies and I do my best to live up to the honor of being able to represent such a cool line-up.

Still skeptical? Not my problem ;)

If you have a brand that you feel like I should align with, then please hit me up through the contact form and I'll look into it.


Hands down the cleanest supplement out on the market! I care A LOT about my own wealth being and take the products I put inside my body very serious. I buy organic produce and always opt for natural ingredients. So for me it's an obvious choice to use Momentous supplements. They're dedicated to only put the absolute cleanest products out on the market and that's why I'm taking their supplements now and will continue to do so.


Rogue was one of my first sponsors. They believed in me early on and we've had a great relationship ever since. Over the past few years we've both grown and Rogue is now a massive equipment factory in Ohio. I've been there a few times and it's impressive to what it has become. I love the fact that every time I'm using their products it's so easy to tell it's high quality American made. I actually have a few t-shirts on their site that you can go check out. On top of that I would advise you to go check them out if you're in need of any new equipment or starting a gym. You'll get good quality that lasts for years.


As you probably know by now, I care a lot about what put inside my body. But I also equally care about what I put on my body. Like any other girl, I want to look pretty and I want to keep looking young for the next many, many years to come. So I take my skin care seriously. I wear makeup less than 10 times a year and instead I like to focus on a clean natural skin that (in my opinion) provides a beautiful look and ensures it stays that way. Tula helps me accomplish that. Their skincare feels light and natural and I look forward to my morning skin-care routine every time I wake up.

Performa Sleep

I'm not kidding you, this is THE BEST mattress you can ever ask for. A mattress specifically made for athletes and that keeps you cool at night. Don't believe me? They offer FREE shipping and a 100-day risk free trail. Do yourself a favor a try this out, you won't regret. I personally sleep on their king size mattress and also using their cooling pillows. I fall asleep like a little baby within the first 5 minutes and I sleep all the way through the night.