What Does Covid-19 Mean For My CrossFit Season?

What Does Covid-19 Mean For My CrossFit Season?

This Friday March 20th, I was supposed to compete in my first CrossFit Sanctional since Argentina in December. ALSO, my first competition as an individual since the 2018 CrossFit Games. Back in my home territory at the Del Mar FairGrounds where my whole CrossFit journey started.

Del Mar holds a ton of meaning to me personally. Just thinking about all the years I’ve had there gives me the chills. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane…

In 2013, I qualified for my first ever CrossFit Games on Team Invictus, it was a memory I will never forget.

2014 – I went solo and at 19 years old I qualified as an individual. This memory is bittersweet and the start of my whole journey.

2015 – I sprained my ankle two weeks before Regionals. Took 12th and did not qualify for the Games, but went on to still compete because one of the girls on Invictus had to get knee surgery.

2016 – I came back motivated more than ever and won the 2016 California Regionals to qualify for the Games as an individual for my 2nd year.

2017 – I had surgery on my ankle right after the 2016 Games and for the first half of my season I wasn’t able to run, jump, or squat below parallel. I also dealt with really bad bicep tendonitis. And as soon as I was able to use my legs, I couldn’t use my upper body. The fact that I still made it back to the Games after the toughest road to get there was one of the most gratifying memories.

2017 was the last year I competed in Del Mar as the following year in 2018 I moved to Dubai with Rasmus and competed in the Meridian Regionals.

2020 was supposed to be the year I made my comeback as an individual, but still with the intention of going team, but now I don’t even know when that will be. I know so many people just like me are bummed that the WCC is postponed, but we all 100% stand behind the decision of WCC as they are committed to ensuring our safety during this crazy time. I honestly feel like everything changed within a blink of an eye.

All gyms are shut down and I’m not going to lie, motivation has been low. It’s so hard to have the motivation to train when you don’t even know what is going to happen with the whole CrossFit Games season in general.

I felt like I was the fittest and healthiest I have been in a long time and had the following competition schedule planned out:

  • West Coast classic as an individual in Del Mar, California, which has now been postponed.
  • Mid Atlantic Crossfit Championship in April in Washington,DC with my teammates Rasmus Andersen, Regan Huckaby and Eric Carmody, which has now been postponed until the end of June.
  • The Rogue Invitational in May with my team which has now been postponed until June as well and Rogue just announced that it will be moving everything to an online event.
  • Besides Rogue, all of the other Sanctionals are currently up in the air depending on where we’ll be in a few months with everything.

My team was planning on punching our spot to the Games at the Mid Atlantic Championship, as we still haven’t qualified for the season. We are still unsure if The Games will even happen this year right now, so to say it’s been a difficult few weeks is an understatement.

All of this has made my training a little tough, but it has only continued to make me mentally stronger. There’s a fire inside of me to keep persevering towards the goals I had set out to achieve this season. And while that fire is still burning I knew I needed a bit of a rest to take in the news of the Covid-19 postponements.

I took a deload week this past week, because I was going to take one anyways leading into the West Coast Classic and I knew my body needed a break to rest and recover.

I felt like now was the best time more than ever to catch up on things like work, taxes, planning out content and even exploring Tik Tok (for which I am a complete newbie, @ltfisher12 if you want to follow along)! As far as moving my body all I did was the Grown Strong Bodyweight Workouts and one GS-30 Grown Strong Workout with my mom.

All of this uncertainty causes my mind to wander to some negative thoughts at times. I know so many in the world are wondering when we can return back to normal life and the way everything used to be. But my #1 tip to passing this time and getting through this, is to stay positive! A positive mindset truly is everything. Here’s what I’m doing to stay positive during this craziness and keep myself busy:

Being the best leader for Grown Strong. From all the girls in our fitness community to the rest of the community who follows, I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways I can provide value to everyone. Now more than ever with everyone stuck at home.

Keeping my daily routines, exercising, eating nutrient dense foods, drinking water, etc. Spending more time with my fiance Rasmus. Practicing more gratitude in my gratitude journal and knocking out my long to do list I never had time for. Being more creative and exploring new channels like Youtube and Tik tok.

So let’s hear it… what are you doing right now to stay positive and keep yourself busy? I can’t wait to see what you are all doing in the comments below!

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Finally, last piece of advice before I sign off: DON’T LET PERFECT BE THE ENEMY OF PROGRESS. The world is not going to end if you have a cheat meal once or even twice a week. Heck, I promise enjoying yourself on your birthday or a holiday won’t kill your progress either.

For me, I actually have one day a week where I don’t even worry about sticking to my plan and I go out to enjoy a nice dinner with my fiancé and go out for ice cream after.

If I was 100% strict all the time, I would not be able to stick with this and it would do more damage than good.

So I promise next time your friends invite you out (post quarantine) drinks and all, it won’t ruin anything. :) Just remember me and say Lauren gave me permission to enjoy myself!

Curious to hear, comment down below what your nutrition looks like or if you have any questions?

Appreciate you if you read the whole way through! As a token of appreciation, you can CLICK HERE to access my 30 Day Bodyweight Challenge for FREE. Valued at $29.99!



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