Unlock Your 2024 Potential: Secrets Inside ✨

Unlock Your 2024 Potential: Secrets Inside ✨

Thinking this is just another sales pitch and about to hit delete? Hold on a second, because it's not. This blog post is about something I genuinely believe you can benefit from. I want to highlight some products that have significantly contributed to my performance and well-being over the years. And just to be clear, I don't earn any commissions from anything mentioned in this post. I do have a partnership with the company I'm going to talk about, but I'm not required to make this blog post. This is all about sharing what works for me and how I believe you can benefit as well. After all, we're at the end of December, and in the blink of an eye, we'll be starting 2024. And if I were to guess, you're probably interested in making the new year the best one yet? I know I am!

The Myth of the Magic Pill
We've all heard "there's no magic pill," and that's spot-on. However, there are things you can do and take that collectively add up to become a “magic pill” with a significant impact on your fitness goals and well-being.

Regular exercising, eating healthy, consistent sleeping habits, etc., are just some of the things that collectively contribute to this “magic pill”. But, I’m not going into all of that today, that’s for another email another time. Today, I’m excited to share insight into something else, something that has had profound benefits for me. And no, I am not talking about any banned substances or otherwise harmful things that I wouldn’t recommend to my family and friends. I have personally been using what I’m about to talk about for years and am likely to use them for probably the rest of my life.

Let’s Get To It
As you might have guessed, I’m talking about supplements.

As a professional athlete and a health enthusiast, I'm very particular about what I consume. Cleanliness is my top priority in choosing my supplements! Believe it or not, a LOT of supplements on the market are not properly tested and actually contain harmful ingredients. Imagine this: you want to take something to boost your performance and health, but instead, it turns out to be harmful and even dangerous. AND you are paying money for it!!! Crazy right!? This is where Live Momentous stands out with its clean, natural ingredients and thorough testing. That’s actually part of the reason why I got involved with Live Momentous in the first place.

You might think “supplements are only for professional athletes” or “I don’t want to take supplements because it’s not natural and healthy for me”. I hear this quite often, but both are untrue! With about a million, and probably a million more, supplements to choose from, I understand that it can be an overwhelming topic to get a grasp on. But today, I’m here to recommend three types of supplements that have played a key-role in my performance and health journey and are likely to provide you with a lot of benefits as well.

Lauren Fisher with Live Momentous Supplements

3 Must-Take Supplements

  • Protein: 
  • These three are something I would highly encourage you to try if you are currently not using them. They aren’t super expensive, easy to take, and can really provide you with great benefits that can support your fitness journey, regardless of your current level and goals.

    I also use the following products from Live Momentous. Just because I didn’t include them in the must-take list above, that doesn’t mean these aren’t powerful as well!

    • Omega-3: I try to eat a good amount of fish in my diet, but I’m still low on Omega-3, actually, most people are. I use this supplement for reducing inflammation.

    • Collagen Peptides: With everything I put my body through, collagen peptides help support joint health, among other things, which is why I take it.

    • PR Lotion: I rub it onto my body before intense workouts to help get rid of lactic acid and reduce muscle soreness. I mainly use it during competition.

    • Vital Aminos: Similar to BCAAs, but with 9 essential amino acids and 4 additional ones, providing a robust boost for your body's multiple systems.

    Pro-tip and Discount Option

    Live Momentous has been kind enough to give me a 15% discount code I can share with you all. So as a thank you for making it this far into my email, here’s 15% off. Use LAUREN15 at checkout.

    And here's a pro tip: Combine this code with a subscription (applies to any of their products) for even more savings and convenience.

    Remember, regardless of whether you follow my recommendations or not, investing in your health is the best decision you can make. And what better time to take the step towards better health than now? If you are currently using supplements from other companies, then do yourself a favor and double-check if they are truly tested and made with healthy ingredients. If you are simply shopping for price and flavor, then there is a good chance you might find yourself with a poor-quality product!

    I'm just here to share my experiences and learnings from years of experimenting with various supplements and hope you find this information useful.

    Stay strong, stay healthy! Happy New Year.

    P.S. don't forget, use code LAUREN15 for 15% off your order.

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