Tricks For A Better Nights Sleep

Tricks For A Better Nights Sleep

I have been seeing everywhere lately that so many of us are struggling to find good sleep patterns right now. With what has been going on in the world with Covid-19, loss of schedules, jobs, normal everyday patterns, it’s no wonder that our sleep is struggling too. That’s why I wanted to dedicate an entire blog post about how to wake up feeling refreshed and rested! Especially as an athlete, every little thing we can do to better help us prepare for perform each day is something I try to take advantage of. The loss of sleep increases opportunities for fatigue, low energy and poor focus… and I don’t have time for that! I am a firm believer that a good night's sleep can change your entire life!

Here are my TOP FOUR TIPS for a better nights sleep:


1 : Find & Stick To A Schedule

This includes not only the actual times you’re sleeping, but the wind down before you put your head to rest! Do you find yourself scrolling through your phone? Starting at last minute work projects? This will actually deter you from a good night's sleep! Try reading a book, chatting with your significant other, journaling or drawing to calm your mind down. Avoiding bright lights and blue lights in the evening can help you stick to a proper sleep schedule so you will be in rhythm with the evening time and fall asleep better once the lights are low!


2: Exercise Daily

Exercise daily! This may seem like a no brainer or you may be saying to yourself “ well what if I don’t have time?” Get moving any way you can! If you get your heart rate up during the day and get your brain and body moving. Any activity is better than NO activity!


3: Avoid Large Meals Before Bed

You should have the freedom to eat whenever you’re hungry, but if you are finding that you are struggling to sleep at night ask yourself “when do I eat dinner” Is it 2-3 hours before you go to sleep? Try extending that out and eat your larger meals closer to 4-5 hours before bed. Discomfort or movement from your stomach during digestion and things such as heartburn or indigestion are more likely to occur if you eat a large meal too close to laying down! If you’re hungry, try a protein shake or light snack!


4: Comfort Is Key!

Do you love your bedroom space? Does it make you feel cozy? Comfortable? Excited to jump into bed in the evening? Sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillows are just PART of your sleep experience but arguably the most important! That is why I am so happy to be partnered with Performa Sleep that was not only designed by athletes, for athletes, but firmly believes that a good nights sleep leads to better physical and mental performance during your days! Their mattress is specifically built to ensure a cleaner, cooler night’s sleep. Cooler sleep means faster recovery. Not only that but providing neck, joint and back support are only the start of what a good mattress does for you and your sleeping habits. Not only should your mattress fit your needs but so should your bedroom! The Sleep Foundation recommends you keep your room cool (between 60-67 degrees), free from light and noise that could disturb you and recommends that if you are someone who needs a noise consider a sound machine or fan!


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Hi Lauren! Sorry about your wedding! Our daughter also just canceled hers, and plans to have it next July. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for the coupon code! Purchased a mattress today and hope we enjoy it.

Dara on

Grown strong has changed my life!! I love supporting grown strong and Lauren Fisher! Thank you for everything you do, Lauren! This mattress sounds like a dream!

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Just got a new queen bed and need a new mattress, fingers crossed!!!

Jackie on

If your workouts provide ultra core soreness! I’m sure winning this giveaway will provide me with ultra comfort after my workouts.

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Investing in a good mattress is so important! We literally sleep on it every single day!

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I entered in this giveaway because my boyfriend and I are moving in together and we are having to buy all new furniture and appliances. This mattress would save us some money. But I also follow Lauren and her grow strong program and enjoy it a lot. I love supporting this strong girl.

Lesley on

Would love!

Lesley on

Would love!

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Maybe 🤔

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I actually came here because of LF, she’s a babe. Would love to win something but I live in the UK :/

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Lauren you are the best of the best you are so passionate very strong and dedicated to what you love i very much admire your talent there’s not too many out there that I can look up to as I look up to you because Instagram has made me getting to work out thx u a lot god bless you.

Sabrina Campbell on

I have been seeing a lot about these mattresses lately. Hope that I win to try one out !!

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I bought a king size a few months back and oh man, game changer!

One question I do have, are you suppose to use a box springs??

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