Should I Drink Protein Before Bed?!

Should I Drink Protein Before Bed?!

With rest being one of the most important parts of recovering, I think we all wonder how we can maximize our sleeping time to use it to the fullest. One of the most asked questions I get is “do you drink protein before bed? If so, what are the benefits?” I absolutely love my protein shakes, and utilize them the most after my training, but I also love to use them before bed for these reasons!

Muscle Growth

Because muscle growth is generally the goal of those eating a high protein diet, adding in a shake before bedtime may be an extra way to help get that in during the day. A protein shake before bedtime can allow the body to get the proper amount of amino acids it needs to continue to build muscles overnight. Amino acids, which are obtained through eating protein, are the raw materials that muscle tissue is built from. If no amino acids are available for use, your body can’t build any muscle. [1] Therefore, an extra boost can give you the added edge you are looking for to help gain muscle mass.

Muscle Recovery

Going hand in hand with muscle growth, comes muscle recovery. As I said above, getting protein before bed time helps to give your body the amino acids it needs to grow muscles. “This means that instead of having to put protein synthesis ‘on hold’ while you sleep, your body can continue building and repairing muscle tissue. And as most people spend about 1/3 of their day sleeping, you can see why this adds up over time.” [2]

Weight Loss

There have been many studies that suggest that drinking protein before bed may aid in weight loss. The science behind this really boils down to the fact that protein costs more energy to digest than most other things we are eating, helping to aid in your metabolism rate. There was a study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism in January 2015 where overweight women were given a casein protein shake before bedtime, and they found they were less hungry in the morning when it came time for breakfast if they combined exercise with a pre-sleep shake. [3] Take this study with a grain of salt though, because some have stated that it may not matter whether the high protein amount comes from a shake before bed or your last meal of the day. It may just boil down to eating a high protein diet in general. As always, consult your doctor and/or dietician if you are trying to follow a diet for specific results. Read more about the controversy with weight loss and a protein shake before bed time in this article.

These are my top 3 reasons why I utilize protein before bedtime. As always, consult your doctor or nutritionist to see if a routine like this is appropriate for you and your lifestyle! If you are looking for a good protein supplement, Live Momentous is always my go to. Make sure to check them out here, the Vanilla is my fav as I can use it in so many different things. If you aren't following me on Instagram yet... what are you waiting for?! Keep a lookout on my stories for my smoothie recipes and so many other ways I utilize my protein daily.


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