If You're Interested In Healthy Living You'll Like This!

If You're Interested In Healthy Living You'll Like This!

For almost everyone, me included, 2020 has a been a different year than expected to say at least. However, I have a super exciting project I've been working on for over a year and it's almost here. I want to tell you what it is, the story behind it and why I think you should care. It involves a supplement and biggest launch I've internally been a part of. If it's still sounds interesting, then keep reading as I have an offer for you at the end!

So let's dive in...

It's no secret that I prioritize healthy living and everything that goes into my body is a careful decision. As an athlete I want to optimize my fuel as much as possible and with the regular drug testing I have to be extra conscious of the thousands/millions food and supplement choices these days. But really, the main reason why I so carefully choose what I drink and eat is because I want to live a healthy lifestyle! I feel SOOO much better, I get more done, more energized, happier, smarter, wake up instantaneously and generally speaking things are just better when I go about my life this way.

It's also no secret that I founded Grown Strong back in 2014 (man times fly, can't believe it's already been over 6 years). It started as a passion of mine and has now grown massively. We have over a thousand females in our community and I'm beyond proud of this group of ladies. I could go on for days about how amazing it feels to see people transform and become a better version of themselves, but that's a different story for another time.

Going back to the end of last year, before COVID hit, I sat down with the rest of the Grown Strong team for a meeting. A meeting on how to make Grown Strong even better. We quite frequently do this so nothing particularly special about this. However, something different was decided that day...

We wanted to create something that encompasses the healthy lifestyle and that was going to support an active lifestyle, but at the same time something that was simple and not complicated. And that day the idea of a greens powder was born! A simple supplement in powder form created from REAL veggies and FULL of antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Overall just a bunch of energy packed inside of a bottle that's easy to take.

I'm sure you know that feeling of a lightbulb moment. Like one of those Aha feelings where things just make sense. That's exactly what this was for me! I've taken greens powder for years now and in fact it was one of the first supplements I started taking so it only made sense to create something similar for Grown Strong. Something that we can not only offer to our community but to everyone else who also wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sounds like a great idea right? Well yes the idea was great, but apparently I'm a picky person and I wanted this supplement to be something I can personally take and authentically represent. It's a staple of mine to only go behind companies and projects I fully believe in and to be able to use myself and this supplement is no different! I wanted to create the best of the best!

With the help of Jenn Ryan (our Grown Strong nutrition expert) and some other very smart people we were able to create a formula consisting of 4 unique blends that would make up our supplement. And after a lot of research we found a manufacturer here in the US that would help us put it together. It sounds simple, but a lot of work, effort, testing and time were put into this. Like a WHOLE LOT!

Fast forward to today the supplement is finally here. We named it Grown Strong Super Greens and to be completely honest there's never been a time more important for healthy living than today and Grown Strong Super Greens fits right in. COVID or no COVID I'll be taking this supplement for the next many years!

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Grown Strong Super Greens


Here’s what our Grown Strong Nutritionist Jenn Ryan has to say about the Super Greens:



If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to me at hello@lauren-fisher.com or you can contact Grown Strong at hello@grownstrong.com
I hope you'll enjoy this product as much as I do!
xo, LF

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