How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

Let’s talk about motivation! With what’s going on in the world with the Coronavirus, it can seem like we are all in a halt. Not being able to see friends, eat out at our favorite restaurants, go to our gyms… it can begin to take a toll on us mentally. I want to give you some of my top tips in staying motivated in hopes that you can not only use this as advice for working out, but use this for all that you do in your everyday life!



1) Set Goals! Don’t let yourself fall prey to not making decisions for yourselves. Setting goals allows yourself to work toward something you actually want to achieve. Goals enable you to make a decision to act in a way to help you achieve them!

2) Stay Busy! Letting your mind wander into darker places is definitely not a good plan. Having things to occupy you is incredibly important. Pick up a new hobby or resume an old one. Painting, drawing, crosswords, any types of crafts can help you keep your mind occupied. When we let ourselves sit stagnant it can get more and more challenging to bounce back from it.

3) Stick to a routine! Don’t let your daily routine fall to the sidelines. It’s more important now than ever to stick to the one you’ve made. Don’t have one? Now’s the PERFECT time to start one. Implement things into your day and begin making them a habit. I recommend writing down your routine so you can have a checklist to check off. It keeps me accountable and it’s satisfying to be able to cross the items off as I go!

4) Surround yourself with likeminded people. Choosing who you give your time to really can make or break you staying motivated to reach your goals. Choose people who have similar ones, or people who at least have the same drive to achieve their individual goals as you do. Having a community, like the one I have over in Grown Strong, helps you push yourself and grow as well as helps you find a sense of comfort during the days where you are in a slump or rut! Community > everything else!

5) Break down your goals into small, manageable tasks. When we look at things in the big picture we sometimes tend to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to get lost in the “what if’s” of a large goal or dream. But if we break down our goal into small obtainable tasks, we can use those steps to stay organized and get closer to our overall goals.

I know that finding motivation can get difficult sometimes, But I promise if you follow the tips above that it will help you along the way! We are all allowed to have tough days, weeks, but I truly believe that the more positive and uplifting people you choose to surround yourself with, the more likely you are to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Having trouble finding a community or group to keep you accountable? Comment below so others can chime in and help you stay motivated!


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