Coronavirus Wedding Update

Coronavirus Wedding Update

September 3rd, 2020. The date I was supposed to get married in Santorini, Greece. That’s less than 2 months away. The excitement, the build up, the nerves all of it I should be feeling now. But then Covid-19 happened. And the stress of what I should do started to build up. It feels like yesterday my parents planned the most beautiful engagement party and wedding conversation always seemed to be the topic of choice in my family. I can 100% say this year has been difficult to navigate for us ALL. To all of my other 2020/Covid brides I FEEL for you.

I probably wasn’t the only one with a constant nagging voice in the back of my head wondering about all the what if’s... Will this be better by the time of my wedding? Will certain guests not be able to come due to everything going on in the world? Will we have to wear masks at our wedding? Will guests have to sit 6ft apart from each other? Oh and what about all the activities leading up to the wedding… Will I be able to have a normal bachelorette party? What about my bridal shower? The list of questions kept going on and on. The thought of it made my head spin and Ras and I would go back and forth trying to figure out what we should do.

So after weighing all the pros and cons and going back and forth with our wedding planner, Ras and I made the decision to postpone. We were so bummed, but we know that in the end we made the right decision. And you know what, it was a big weight lifted off our chests. We were so fortunate that all our vendors were able to move to our new dates minus the musicians. But I ended up getting another musician who I wanted equally as much as the original so it all ended up working out. :) June 2nd, 2021 is the new official date and to say we’re a little excited is an understatement. I know when that day comes there will be even more to be grateful for. Weddings are such a beautiful and special time and all I can do is dream of the day when ours officially happens. 


We are trying to look at the bright side of things… more time to plan the wedding means more time to think about what exactly we want on our special day! And with that comes more time to chat and share with YOU about my wedding planning journey! So today I’m going to talk a little bit about why we chose to do a destination wedding & my #1 tip about planning a destination wedding!

In September of 2017 we traveled to Santorini Greece, and spent three days there. We fell in love with the beauty, the culture, and everything about Santorini. We did so many activities in three short days, we didn’t want to leave. The memories we had there is one of the reasons why we wanted to go back to give our friends and family hopefully the same experience we had. We are so excited to give our loved ones a beautiful vacation and time together in such a gorgeous setting. 

My #1 BEST TIP is to find an incredible wedding planner. I cannot tell you how crucial this is when trying to plan a wedding anywhere other than your current town, but especially when doing one overseas! When finding one though, MAKE SURE to do your RESEARCH! Just like any other part of your wedding or when hiring someone to do work for you in any aspect, reviews are key! Looking on sites such as WeddingWire and The Knot give you reputable, real planners who have real reviews from the brides they worked with.

I did a whole lot of research reading reviews, even reaching out to past brides about their experience. I had five different skype calls with different planners to interview and make sure that whoever I picked was the perfect fit for us. I’m working with Stella And Moscha and I couldn’t be more excited! Lydia has been incredibly helpful and on top of things when trying to navigate everything Covid related. My confidence in her is sky high and I cannot wait to hug her and see how she has brought all of our wants to life!


If you’re a bride that has had to postpone during these unfortunate times I wanted to share with you all who have been an absolute dream to work with doing my stationary and delivering change of dates to me without hesitation. Papercrush is a local boutique design studio that will be happy to help make your dream stationary come to life and be of assistance if you need a change of date like myself. I actually decided to save on printing costs and mailing another round of invitations and sent these via email which did the trick. :) In one of my future wedding blogs, I will be sharing some of my tips & tricks for putting the personal touches on your wedding. So stay tuned for many more wedding blogs to come. Hope you like them. 

AND BEFORE I SIGN OFF, a big thank you to Balani Custom Clothiers for making Ras a custom suit jacket. Balani is one of the top tailors in the world and they’re in 14 cities around the US. We took a day trip to LA and were so grateful with how easy they were to work with as Ras has an abnormal build being an athlete so finding a suit jacket to fit his broad shoulders is already really tough. We picked every detail from the buttons, to the color of the coat, the interior, all of it. We were so pleased with how well fitted it was for his height and build and not only that but it was COMFORTABLE.

And one last thank you to Brooke Ziegler Photography for taking our engagement photos. If you’re looking for a local photographer in Southern California, Brooke is so amazing to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease which is what you need when it comes to an engagement shoot like this. Ras is not one for photos, but I think by the end of it he also had as much fun as I did. :)

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Lauren Fisher on

I’m sorry to hear that! It’s definitely not ideal, but I guess we’ll just make the best out of the situation.

Anonymous on

Hi Lauren! Sorry about your wedding! Our daughter also just canceled hers, and plans to have it next July. Best of luck to you!

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