5 Things That I Love In My Home

5 Things That I Love In My Home

There's nothing quite like going home after a long day of dealing with traffic, work stress, or even after having one of the best days of your life! Going home, kicking off your shoes, and being able to completely relax is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I am a big believer in setting up your home to create the best energy. Everyone has their own unique home decor style, and I wanted to share a little bit of how I have designed my home!  

5 Things I Love In My Home:

1. Barn Doors

Ras and I absolutely LOVE this part of my house. We got our doors from the Barn Door Dudes, and they look absolutely beautiful. The design gives our home a unique look and feel, and the doors are truly a piece of functional art. From the start to the finish, the whole process was seamless in getting these created and the BEST part they came and installed them so we didn't have to think about anything. You can go check out more information HERE.



2. Living Room Rug

Choosing a rug is a home decor commitment, and it sets the tone for your home. So when we were looking for the right rug, this Colca Wool Rug from West Elm gave us the vibes we were looking for. It also is super comfy to walk on. 

A cute and functional design, I am here for it! You can see it HERE



3. Breville Barista Coffee Machine

As most of you know, I am not a coffee drinker… but Ras is! So you’ll have to believe Ras’ that this espresso machine serves barista-worthy at-home espresso. Nothing better than waking up on the weekend and enjoying your at-home espresso!


4. Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Okay, this is more my style. I LOVE tea, and this tea kettle from Amazon is amazing. Plus it is electric! It saves so much time and heats your water to the perfect temperature!


5. World Map

Okay, I know I love all of these, but this one is the most special to me. Ras and I have hung up this world map to mark all the places we have traveled, together or separately. Whenever we travel to a new spot, we mark it on the map. It is so us because we both LOVE to travel. I can’t wait to add more and more to this map!

There ya have it! I hope these five things that I love in my home can be a home decor inspiration! I also linked the items in this blog for you all to check out if any of you are in the process of designing your home and living space!

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