Reserve Your Spot (deposit only)
Reserve Your Spot (deposit only)
Reserve Your Spot (deposit only)

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I’m currently fully sold out and don't have any more spots left for my upcoming retreat. HOWEVER, we usually have a couple spots opening up and if you're interested simply submit your name and email below.

⊙ Private Single Occupancy $5,300
⊙ Shared Room $4,900
⊙ Private Double Occupancy $4,900 (per person)

Secure your spot with only a $500 deposit today and break your remaining payment into four interest free installments.

⊙ Private Single Occupancy
You get your own private room. Perfect for the traveler who needs the ability to take a break by themselves sometimes.

⊙ Shared Room
We partner you up with someone else from the retreat of same gender. A great way to make new friends and save a little bit of money.

⊙ Private Double Occupancy
You get a king size mattress to share with your partner (or good friend) in a private room. A request for two full size mattresses can be made. This is an excellent choice for the couple who is looking for an eventful getaway as well as private time by themselves.

This is an all inclusive retreat from the time you arrive to the time you depart.

We'll cover your accommodation, 3 meals a day + snacks, transportation and all activities.

You are required to book your own flight and responsible to pay for your own souvenirs, alcoholic drinks (we'll cover some) and extra food.

Remaining balance can be split into four sepereate interest free payments or paid all together at once.

Installment Due Dates:
Should you choose to split the payment into four installments the due dates are the following:

⊙ June 10th.
⊙ June 30th.
⊙ July 20th.
⊙ August 10th.

Payment At Once Due Date:
⊙ If you choose to pay at once your due date for remaining balance is on July 10th.

⊙ A $500 deposit ($1,000 for private double occupancy) is required to secure your reservation and is non refundable.

⊙ Should you choose to cancel prior to June 15th, 2022 you'll be eligible for a full refund minus deposit ($500 per person).

⊙ If you cancel prior to July 15th, 2022 you'll be eligible for a half refund of total retreat payment minus deposit.

⊙ Any cancellation, for whatever reason, on or after July 15th, 2022 will NOT be eligible for any refund.

If legally, as outlined below, a pandemic is preventing you from attending or if sudden severe medical reasons prevent you from attending, with proof hereof, you payment can be applied towards any future retreat.

* In the unfortunate event that a negative COVID test is required to enter Barcelona during our retreat and you test positive, NO refund will be issued, however, half of your overall payment can be applied towards any future retreat.

** If you are legally allowed to enter Barcelona during the retreat but choose not to, this will NOT qualify you for a refund.

*** It's your full responsibility to check COVID and other guidelines prior to booking. As an example if you are denied entry due to invalid or missing COVID passport you will NOT be eligible for a refund.