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Fitness Retreat

Two of the things I love the most are fitness and travel! My dream is to live a lifelong journey of being active while exploring the world and I invite you to join me.

The past few years I've held a yearly fitness retreat where my team and I are planning all the activities, accomodation and everything else. You just have to show up.

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"Time of my life! I signed up for this retreat not knowing anyone or what to expect. I left with countless memories, life long friends, unique experiences, and several new fitness/lifting tips. This trip fueled my soul- can’t wait for the next one!"

- Shannon

"I've been on three retreats so far and I want to keep coming back!

Lauren and Rasmus are so fun to travel with, and having all the activities and food and transportation planned makes it really easy to relax and enjoy. It's a perfect blend of fitness and exploring a new country. And I always leave so grateful for for people I've met and the experiences we've shared. 10/10 would recommend :)"

- Jenny

"Great experience, great people. The planning was impeccable, the execution was even better. Lauren and Rasmus are very personable with great attitudes. The whole Grown Strong team is fully invested in each participants enjoyment and growth. I would/do recommend joining a retreat with these amazing people.

Looking forward to signing up for another retreat in the near future."

- Sam

"The retreat was marvelous, I enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel was beautiful, the food and events organized amazing. All the participants of the group were friendly and fun to hang out with. The coaches and Organisation were flawless."

- Anna

"Portugal was a dream! Truly had nonstop fun and made so many lifelong memories and friends. Meeting so many like-minded people who enjoy fitness while vacationing was the best part. The Grown Strong team did an amazing job and had everything perfectly organized for a smooth and fun-filled week including daily workouts, incredible activities, and delicious food. Couldn’t be happier with my time spent with Lauren and Ras and their team. Obrigada!"

- Lauren

"Our trip to Portugal was postponed due to COVID, but it was definitely worth the wait! It was a week full of great company, fun workouts, delicious food, and many memories made. I highly recommend attending their fitness retreats! It will be an experience you won’t forget!"

- Felicia

"Amazing experience.

- Only buy olive oil extra virgin and in a dark bottle.
- Make bread with grandma any chance you get.
- Wine is served best with bread, while swimming in an elegant pool and sharing with good friends.
- Crossfit is hard no matter where you do it.
- Sometimes you have to drive a ways to experience beauty.
- Working out on the beach during sunrise is magnificent.
- The End of the World is a pretty amazing place.
- Take a deep breath, look around an enjoy God’s beauty."

- Mark