September 17th - 24th, 2022




Join us for an unforgettable luxury trip in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. We've planned an exciting itinerary that involves everything from exploring the European culture to sweaty workouts and everything in between.


See what our past participants had to say about our last retreat!


"Great experience, great people. The planning was impeccable, the execution was even better. Lauren and Rasmus are very personable with great attitudes. The whole Grown Strong team is fully invested in each participants enjoyment and growth. I would/do recommend joining a retreat with these amazing people.

Looking forward to signing up for another retreat in the near future."


"The retreat was marvelous, I enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel was beautiful, the food and events organized amazing. All the participants of the group were friendly and fun to hang out with. The coaches and Organisation were flawless."


"Time of my life! I signed up for this retreat not knowing anyone or what to expect. I left with countless memories, life long friends, unique experiences, and several new fitness/lifting tips. This trip fueled my soul- can’t wait for the next one!"


"I've been on three retreats so far and I want to keep coming back!

Lauren and Rasmus are so fun to travel with, and having all the activities and food and transportation planned makes it really easy to relax and enjoy. It's a perfect blend of fitness and exploring a new country. And I always leave so grateful for for people I've met and the experiences we've shared. 10/10 would recommend :)"


"Portugal was a dream! Truly had nonstop fun and made so many lifelong memories and friends. Meeting so many like-minded people who enjoy fitness while vacationing was the best part. The Grown Strong team did an amazing job and had everything perfectly organized for a smooth and fun-filled week including daily workouts, incredible activities, and delicious food. Couldn’t be happier with my time spent with Lauren and Ras and their team. Obrigada!"


"Our trip to Portugal was postponed due to COVID, but it was definitely worth the wait! It was a week full of great company, fun workouts, delicious food, and many memories made. I highly recommend attending their fitness retreats! It will be an experience you won’t forget!"


"Amazing experience.

- Only buy olive oil extra virgin and in a dark bottle.
- Make bread with grandma any chance you get.
- Wine is served best with bread, while swimming in an elegant pool and sharing with good friends.
- Crossfit is hard no matter where you do it.
- Sometimes you have to drive a ways to experience beauty.
- Working out on the beach during sunrise is magnificent.
- The End of the World is a pretty amazing place.
- Take a deep breath, look around an enjoy God’s beauty."

Hear what Jane said about our last retreat


Luxury Hotel

We're staying at Hotel AC Gava Mar, a stone throw from the beach and within 15 minutes from the city. Enjoy a relaxing stay with a beach view, a great restaurant and a gorgeous pool.

Luxury, Sightseeing & Fitness

I plan my retreat exactly like how I would travel myself. I enjoy amazing food (obviously important!!), I explore and dive into the local culture and of course... I workout.

I get help to plan these retreats from my fiance Ras as well as a great team. We also have help from the locals to make sure we find all the hidden gems as well as the must-see attractions.

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Eventful Itinerary

Here's some of the activities you can expect.

 Spanish Food Workshop
 Sunset Catamaran Tour
 Cava (Wine) Tour
 Explore Barcelona by Bike
 Coffee Tasting
 Guided Scenery Hiking Tour
 Much More...

Take a look below for a detailed itinerary

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Local CrossFit Gym

We've planned 4 gym workouts + a yoga session throughout the week. Personally I might squeeze in an extra run session or two and you're more than welcome to join me here as well.

It's important to mention that you DO NOT have to participate in every session. You're welcome to join as much or as little as you want depending on what you want to get out of it.

AND all levels are welcome! We'll have plenty of coaches to make sure you'll have a great training session regardless if you're just starting out or at a high fitness level.

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Take a look at the Itinerary

An Eventful Trip Planned!

September 17th

Day 1

⊚ Arrival
⊚ Outdoor workout
⊚ Welcome dinner

September 18th

Day 2

⊚ Long nature hike with a picnic lunch and visit to Montserret
⊚ Cable car
⊚ Dinner at beach house

September 19th

Day 3

⊚ Gym workout
⊚ Paddle surf
⊚ Free time at beach

⊚ Yoga
⊚ Mediterranean food workshop by a local chef

September 20th

Day 4

⊚ Gym workout
⊚ Bike tour around Barcelona on ebikes
⊚ Sunset Catamaran trip
⊚ Spanish tapas dinner

September 21st

Day 5

⊚ Free day
⊚ Optional climbing or workout session
⊚ Massage

September 22nd

Day 6

⊚ Gym workout
⊚ Cava (wine) tasting
⊚ Explore local village

September 23rd

Day 7

⊚ Gym workout
⊚ Obstacle course
⊚ Coffee tasting
⊚ Beautiful farewell dinner

September 24th

Day 8

⊚ Breakfast
⊚ Departure


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Your 7 night stay will be hosted by Hotel AC Gava Mar. A luxury hotel 15 minutes from the center of Barcelona.

See hotel here.


We're getting help from locals and found some popular restaurants as well as some hidden gems. Rest assure the food is going to be amazing! Included in your price is 3 meals a day plus snacks.


We've put together an itinerary with a mix of sightseeing, relaxation and fitness. We'll take care of the planning so you can enjoy every bit of it.


You'll be visiting two CrossFit gyms as well as being active outside in the nature. As we get closer we'll get more details on what elements of fitness you would like to work on as we have plenty of coaches to help you out. Remember ALL workouts are optional and you do NOT have attend.


In the unlikely event that something unfortunate happens you'll be covered by our travel and medical insurance for the full duration of the trip.


We have all transportation taken care of, including airport pick up and drop off.


We'll be staying at Hotel AC Gava Mar (check out the street view) which is located about 20 minutes from the airport.

We'll take care of your pick up/drop off so all you have to do is show up.

Fly in to Barcelona Airport (BCN)
Arrive Sep. 17th between 7am and 5pm
Depart Sep. 24th between 7am and 5pm

We'll do the rest :)



*Only $500 deposit required to sign up today.



$500 desposit (per person) is required to secure your reservation and is non refundable, unless you are legally restricted from attending the retreat due to a pandemic and can show proof heroff a full refund will be issued. This does NOT include entry rejection due to invalid COVID passport!

⊙ Private Single Occupancy $5,300

⊙  Shared Room $4,900

⊙  Private Double Occupancy $4,900 (per person)

Remaining balance can be split into four sepereate interest free payments or paid all together at once.

Installment Due Dates:
Should you choose to split the payment into four installments the due dates are the following:

⊙ June 10th.
⊙ June 30h.
⊙ July 20th.
⊙ August 10h.

Payment At Once Due Date:
⊙ If you choose to pay at once your due date for remaining balance is on July 10th.

⊙ Your deposit is non refundable as outlined above.

⊙ Should you choose to cancel prior to June 15th, 2022 you'll be eligible for a full refund minus deposit ($500 per person).

⊙ If you cancel prior to July 15th, 2022 you'll be eligible for a half refund of total retreat payment minus deposit.

⊙ Any cancellation, for whatever reason, on or after July 15th, 2022 will NOT be eligible for any refund.

If legally, as outlined below, a pandemic is preventing you from attending or if sudden severe medical reasons prevent you from attending, with proof hereof, you payment can be applied towards any future retreat.

* In the unfortunate event that a negative COVID test is required to enter Barcelona during our retreat and you test positive, NO refund will be issued, however, half of your overall payment can be applied towards any future retreat.

** If you are legally allowed to enter Barcelona during the retreat but choose not to, this will NOT qualify you for a refund.

*** It's your full responsibility to check COVID and other guidelines prior to booking. As an example if you are denied entry due to invalid or missing COVID passport you will NOT be eligible for a refund.


We understand that there is still uncertainty in regards to how the near future looks like for travel restrictions related to COVID. However, things are getting better and as of now it looks like we won't have any issues come September. We are, of course, monitoring the situation and we'll update you in the unlikely event that we have to make changes/cancel the retreat. If you have any further questions in regard to this, please email us at and we'll answer as fast as we can.

If for whatever reason we have to postpone the retreat you'll be given the option to recieve your money back or use your deposit and any payment(s) towards new dates.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the retreat you'll be given a full refund within 14 days of cancellation.

If you decide not to attend the retreat for whatever reason, including a pandemic, but not legally restricted to travel a refund will NOT be issued.


If you would like to pay double occupancy and be paired up with a fellow retreat attendee of same gender, please sign up with double occupancy and let us know on the form at checkout that you have chosen this option!

YES! Make sure to sign up as a private room double occupancy.

YES! We make a full effort to bring our group together, providing an incredible experience to travel and meet others with like minded interests from around the world!


No. As we have guests from all over the world, you are in charge of arranging your own flights. We will meet you in the airport and transport you to and from the hotel.

We recommend that you get a flight that can be cancelled with a refund or changes in the unlikely event that the retreat has to be postponed.

No! We will pick you up and drop you off. You just let us know when you're arriving and departing.


While we don't have a daily timed itinerary ready for you just yet, we have listed the expected activities above. We will release the full itinerary very soon after everyone is signed up. We promise you won't be disappointed!

You are definitely allowed to do your own thing! We ALL know that we may not want to be around everyone 24/7 so if you find yourself needing a break, not wanting to workout or join us on an experience, just let us know. We will always give you options to follow our plan or just do your own thing, it's completely up to you. If you decide to venture out on your own you'll be in charge of your own food/drinks/purchases.


A mix of HIIT Workouts and Strength Training.

YES! There will be modifications for all levels of fitness and if you cannot/don't want to participate in something, you don't have to!

Not at all! This retreat is for all levels, ages and genders. NO prior experience is necessary! The main goal is for you to HAVE FUN! We will cater to everyone who comes , we will scale each workout to your ability and everyone can join. We will have plenty of staff to accommodate exactly what you need.


INCREDIBLE! We will accommodate you whether you are Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian or anything in between! Once you purchase your slot we will provide you with a questionnaire where you can let us know your food preferences and any allergies.

Of course! If you want to enjoy some drinks at the hotel or even go out during the evening in to town to a local pub or bar, feel free! We will help you find some suggestions and set you on your way. We ALWAYS make sure to include a celebration/party evening towards the end of the trip so all of us can go out together as well.


You must be 18 years of age unless supervised.

Our average of past retreats is 20-45 years old, but everyone is welcome.

Yes! We are covering medical and travel insurance.

- Accommodation.
- All activities.
- 3 meals a day plus snacks.
- All transportation.
- Travel and medical insurance.
- The only thing you need to provide is yourself and some extra cash if you'd like to go out for extra drinks or shop for some souvenirs!

We price our fitness retreat in accordance to where we're going. This retreat is a luxury retreat in the heart of Barcelona and prices are therefore higher.

Send any questions you may have to :)